Principal Media Strategist

At the American Bar Association's Media Relations and Strategic Communications division, I lead teams of media strategists, digital experts and visual storytellers. We have positioned our organization's senior leaders as major voices on critical issues currently affecting our nation: diversity and inclusion in the legal system, independence of the judiciary, and equal justice under the law.


Senior Officer, Pew Charitable Trusts. Chief writer to CEO. Created communications materials -- speeches, presentations and correspondence.

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Bestselling author, ghostwriter

Staff Writer/Editor, The Washington Post. Award-winning career spanning subjects, skills and platforms. Versatile journalist -- covered philanthropy, disasters and crises, politics, faith and spirituality, family life, and crime. Created extensive database with trend analyses of D.C. companies and database tracking billions of dollars in disaster donations. 

Associate Editor/Media Strategist, FTC Watch. Authoritative coverage of consumer, antitrust policy. Created and managed social media.

Project Manager, GrowthSpur. Key partner in the startup management team in planning strategic growth aimed at creating one of the first online local-news networks of websites and blogs. Project manager, coordinating planning, design, execution and monitoring of projects. 

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