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Editorial Services


In an environment of trust and confidence, I work closely with authors to understand their vision and objectives and absorb their personality and message. I also draw on material from documents provided by authors ‒  personal journals, correspondence, speeches, and other material ‒ as well as interview others they designate when appropriate. 

I ask probing questions that uncover the essence and depth of a story, ensuring that every aspect is brought to life authentically and accurately. Everyone has their own “voice” on the page, and I’ve worked with dozens of diverse personalities to capture the essence of each individual’s narrative. 


I conduct a thorough analysis and recommend an editing process that suits the author’s needs. I offer:

Developmental editing:  
I review the manuscript’s structure, examining its organization, flow, and effectiveness. I also assess the substance and depth of the content, assessing whether the ideas are well-developed and well-supported. Working through the manuscript with the client, I ensure that it effectively conveys their message in a compelling and marketable format.  

Line editing:
Focusing on the finer details of language and writing style, I work with the author to ensure the manuscript is compelling, clear ‒ and awesome. We refine transitions and fine-tune phrasing and word choice. To bolster the narrative flow, we may adjust the cadence and amplify certain scenes while streamlining others. Finally, I address grammar and punctuation.



The publishing landscape is undergoing significant upheavals, and I help authors navigate these changes toward success. My services include:

  • Providing direction on finding the most suitable literary agent for the project.

  • Advising on selecting the right "hybrid" publisher. 

  • Offering guidance on self-publishing while providing access to vetted vendors.

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