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“Without Jacqui as a co-writer in this endeavor, it wouldn’t have happened. She helped organize my thoughts, instigated the process of writing and held my hand when I was obsessing over little things. Our weekly Zoom calls will become one of the positive things I remember from the pandemic. I can’t thank Jacqui enough for making this dream a reality.”

Former U.S. Rep. Will Hurd

"Brims with personality." "Compelling." "Sweeping." "Hurd is a strong storyteller."

The Dispatch

"Splices together riveting tales." "Compelling." 

The Atlantic

"Operation Dark Heart offers a rare glimpse behind the bureaucratic veil that cloaks information  the government considers too important for public airing."

New York Times

“Jacqui was able to comprehend and translate complex, highly technical military and intelligence concepts. She made sense of the jargon and chaos so that a reader could understand the world of Special Operations and clandestine intelligence collection. She always focused on including the human aspects of situations that were emotionally charged and high stress. I could not recommend her more as a collaborative partner.”

Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer (Ret.)


“Jacqui was an invaluable partner in this project, helping me from initial concept through to publication.”

Wendy Scinta, M.D., M.S.

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"Kuhn's admiring anecdotes about Reagan's interpersonal interactions form the heart of the book."

Publishers Weekly

"Presents a wide variety of practical solutions." Goodreads

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"A rope with a life preserver at the end."

Publishers Weekly

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"One of 10 Best Parenting Books of 1993."

Child Magazine

 “Gives invaluable developmental insights and hands-on advice for dealing with all types of difficult children. Helps parents step into their children’s shoes.”

Parenting Magazine

"I came to Jacqui without any experience or understanding of how to turn my dream of publishing my memoir into reality. She had a thorough knowledge of this complicated process and, wonderfully, was always willing to listen and guide me along the way. I could not have found a better partner than Jacqui."

Curtis Peterson, independent author, “And the Beat Goes On”

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