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I’m new to this process. How do you work?

Typically, I start with a thorough exploration of your goals. What are your aspirations and needs?  At which stage are you? You might have a kernel of a book concept, or perhaps you’re already immersed in a project. Regardless, we start our journey from where you are. My collaborators praise my ability to cultivate a bond of mutual trust – an essential aspect of the book collaboration process.

What is your work process?

I focus on what’s best for you. Usually, we schedule standing weekly meetings. A few days before the meeting, I send an agenda. Sometimes, we stick to it. Sometimes, we don’t. But it’s a starting point. During the meeting, I may interview you. We may brainstorm, review drafts, and follow up on previous meetings. Immediately following the meeting, I will send a summary and follow-up items. To ensure adherence to deadlines, I maintain a tracker.


How do I choose the best writer for my project?

Personal chemistry is critical. A ghostwriter or editor may have dazzling publishing credentials, but if you are uncomfortable with them, look elsewhere. In the initial interview, ask yourself whether you want to spend time with this person. Do you want to bare your soul to them? Do they listen? Do they ask thoughtful questions that prompt you to think and reflect?

Keep in mind that the ghostwriter is also evaluating you, determining if the personal chemistry is right for them.

Referrals are common in our business. If you have specific requirements that fall outside my expertise, I will recommend other professionals. 


OK, let’s talk $$$. How much is this going to cost?

Glad you asked! First a warning: There are a lot of charlatans in this business. No matter how much you pay, no one can promise you a major publishing contract, a bestseller, or a Netflix deal. Don’t just walk away from anyone who gives you assurances of such achievements. Run. 


After the project scope is well-defined, we delve into pricing considerations. Depending on the project, I offer options such as a lump sum (to be paid in installments upon completion of predetermined benchmarks), an hourly rate, or a per-word rate. Once terms are agreed upon, we formalize our agreement outlining the project, your commitments, my responsibilities, and specific deadlines. 

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